Friday, December 12, 2014


I know Christmas stockings aren't something many people think about. You hang them by the chimney with care, then store them back up till next year. In our family, however, our stockings have always been quite a big deal. Growing up, each of our stocking was hand made with care by our amazing Grandma. Each time a new baby came, it was exciting to see what their new stocking would look like and how it would look hung next to the rest of the families. I always loved my stocking, being the first grand daughter, I got a big Santa.
I always knew they were hard work and that Grandma spend almost the whole year working on the new stockings. Once I got married, I was so excited when she spent the time making one for my husband who didn't really have a stocking that was his. They just had decorative stockings, but not really an assigned stocking. My Grandma knew how I treasured mine and went through all the work making one for him.
Then even her most beautiful work yet, for my sweet daughter when she came along. It was when this one came as her Christmas gift, after a year of some health problems for my Grandma that I truly knew what a sacrifice and absolute labor of love they were from my Grandma, and became definite holiday treasures to me.
 As I said, I always knew that they were a great deal of work, but I never realized just how much work they really were, until this year. With my Grandma's health and getting up in years I fear that her stocking days may have slowed to an end. So, this year with my new son here and a few of my siblings married and having children of their own, I set out to find the company that made the stocking kits thinking I'd take up the mantle of stocking maker going forward. I started looking after Thanksgiving, thinking I'm a pretty crafty person and could probably whip out what takes my Grandma a year to do, maybe by Christmas for a few gifts this year. I went to a local Joanns and found this... My daughters beautiful stocking. It was at that moment that I truly appreciated, and even became a little teary eyed at my Grandmas love to make these stockings for us. As, I sat there looking at each little piece on the back that had to be sewn and attatched individually, I could picture my Grandma's tiny fingers sewing and threading for what must have been hours and hours throughout the year trying to finish each heirloom, and realized as crafty as I was- these truly were gifts of love that would take more than just a quick needle and thread to make. SO, while I will still try to make stockings for my family going forward- I know they will definitely take me more than a quick 2 weeks to do. Making these precious stockings, truly treasured family heirlooms. I absolutely love gifts of the hear, and this wonderful season that inspires us to remember those gifts.
These stocking kits are made by Bucilla. They have TONS of different patterns and cute designs! I had a really hard time finding out who made them and where to find them. Check them out here! Bucilla Stockings

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