Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cozy Inside Day

A tradition we have to have to start Christmas at our house is the old English drink, Wassail! I'm surprised year after year how many people coming to our parties and house to visit, have never tried it! Every time I smell that amazing smell it brings me back to my childhood days of coming home from school or in from the cold and smelling it constantly roasting on the stove top throughout the month in our kitchen. When I don't think of that, I'm fondly reminded of drinking it as we wandered through our local Dickens Festival after usually performing with our dance group. Anyway you slice it, they're all wonderful memories of the smells and joys of the season!
I made it from scratch for years, but then I discovered a wonderful mix that got the taste to exactly the way I loved it, without having to spend a fortune on TONS of spices. Once I started using it, I was able to throw it all in our coffee peculator and let it sit and now I can get up to a week of enjoyment out of it. The more it simmers and heats up, the richer and more complex the flavors get. Can you say perfect for a warm winters night?!
 The mix is made here locally by the Squire family and is absolutely wonderful! I don't follow the instructions, but instead I throw an entire gallon of Cranberry Juice and the same amount of Apple Juice into my pot, with a half bottle of the powder mix. Stir it up, then in the top of the peculator ( or directly into the pot before my peculator days), I toss in a sliced orange, about 6-8 cinnamon sticks, a handful of whole cloves and a few allspice berries, and off it goes to become the amazing drink it is!!
 Enjoy on a cozy winter's night by the fire with your favorite book, or while getting in the Christmas spirit wrapping gifts!!
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