Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Happiness

This year we took an idea our neighbors do every year and decided to try a new tradition. During Christmas time our downtown area is decked out with holiday festivities, unfortunately the whole city only has 30 days to go down there, so weekends are ridiculously crowded and it turns into a very unenjoyable night much of the time. So, instead of hating every person with a car driving downtown, this year we booked a night in an affordable hotel ( meaning an awesome hotel that we had a gift card for haha), and made a weekend of it! My daughter loves staying in hotels- what kid doesn't?! Let's face it though, they just want the pool! She loves decorating her "hotel bed" and since Minnie must go everywhere with us, she got dressed to the nines to enjoy our trip as well.
 We went and took our local lightrail train all over town, which may have been as exciting for my daughter as the pool. She loved jumping on and off at all the little stops. We took her ice skating for the first time... she stayed up most of the time!

 we had hot chocolate, went to see lights, saw the candy windows, had dinner and went swimming to end off the night!
Fun was had by all and I think we found a new happy family holiday tradition with no stress of parking, traffic or crowds!

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