Saturday, July 16, 2016

Shopkins Birthday Cake

I was excited and a little confused to receive the request for a shopkins cake! I hadn't really heard of them! My daughter had received a few from friends off and on but I really didn't know what they were all about. After seeing how much the birthday girl loved them, I was happy to create one for her from a picture she had seen and loved! It was a very happy colorful cake, and fun for summer!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck Cake

 Well, I've never thought about them together on a cake before, but here it is! I've done my fair share of Minnie Mouse cakes with the occasional request for Minnie and Mickey. But I wasn't quite sure how to mix Minnie and Donald on a cake when I received this request from a group I am a proud member of called Icing Smiles. It's a great organization that provides cakes families and children with critical illnesses. It has been rewarding to participate when I've been able to.  
 This sweet cake was for little Capri's 3rd birthday. It was her first birthday to be able to celebrate, since her first 2 were spent in the ICU
Capri's favorite things are Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck. I loved the idea of doing a cake around the character's outfits, since that is what they recognize anyway, right?
 and in the end, the colors ended up working really well together!!
 Who doesn't love Donald's little hat!?
I was so excited that Capri recognized it right away and it was so sweet to hear her say "quack quack" in response when she first saw it! Success! It was a joy to create this cake for little Capri and her family. I hope her birthday is as magical as the characters it's based on!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Baby Elephant and Balloon Party

I knew when I bought those cute little elephant cookie cutters last summer, that one day out of the blue I would need them! And, viola! One day- was this weekend! Yippee! It was fun to put together this cute little set of items for the little man's Baby Elephant and Red Balloon 1st birthday party
 Started with baby elephant sugar cookies,
 and added some red ballon sugar cookie pops~
 all wrapped up to go!

what a fun pop of color in those gumballs!
and finished off with the sweet baby elephant smash cake! I love the colors with the blue, gray and pop of red to color it up! What a sweet little theme for a baby's first birthday!