Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winter Berry Birthday

Funny enough, I have two sister in laws who both have birthdays on December 20th. What are the odds, right? Unfortunately, their birthdays often get overshadowed by the Christmas hoopla. So sad. This year, one of them turns the big 5-0, so her daughter, Amber of amber reverie floral and event designs decided to throw her a surprise birthday party to which she asked me to be in charge of the dessert table. Since, it was a large project, it was my gift to her mom. It was fun to try to come up with the color scheme and try some new things for her party to which the request was "nothing resembling Christmas". Her mom loves chocolate and the rest was themed with winter berries. What a nice little party and step back from all the Christmas Festivities everywhere! 
Ombre Macarons with red currant jelly and cream cheese filing
dark chocolate fruit and nut bark
oreo balls
the birthday girl

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