Thursday, December 4, 2014

Almost New Looking Pans

For day four of The Idea Room's photo a day the theme was Silver, which coincided with what I was doing today perfectly!! Forever I have been searching for a way to restore my extremely used baking pans to their previous glory days. They only look new so long, and nothing feels better than baking on a shiny new pan, right?
Unfortunately, that was not the case with my pans. I just dealt with them for awhile because I loved how well they baked. But then my Kitchen Aid dough hook fell victim to the grime and I noticed that it was coming off on my hands which we can't have ending up in a recipe! So bought a jumbo bottle of my trusty Bar Keepers Friend. This is amazing stuff and I have relied on it for years!! It's like comet but for all your baking metals! Just a little water, some elbow grease (in my case, a lot of elbow grease since my counters are about an inch to high for my short self), and VOILA! Almost new looking pots, pans and other baking items!
This pic was after the first scrub, I didn't take one more after the final scrub, but now after an afternoon of scrubbing till my arms about fell off- I now have an entire cupboard full of almost new pans! It's almost like Christmas morning! Grab a bottle! You wont regret it!
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