Sunday, August 13, 2017

Wafer Paper Quiling Heart

Quilling is done with paper most of the time, but can also be done on your cake with wafer paper, which is an edible paper made from potato starch. Not tasty per say, but safe to eat and thus a beautiful way to add texture to your cake. Shown here in a heart pattern, but would also be beautiful in a number of other color schemes and shapes. A butterfly, for example would be very dramatic!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Peacock Cake Topper

I absolutely love the colors on the tail of this peacock cake. Animal toppers are such a fun and in this case classy way to top off a cake! The rich blues and purples are the perfect compliment to the semi translucent shimmer of the gelatin this figure is made of.
 Would be the perfect way to top any number of cakes!!
 One more of the tail, just because it's so perty :)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Woodland Fairy Tree Stump Cake with Lit Windows

Fairy villages are all the rage right now! Our fairy village is sadly... quite sad. Not much there, but this woodland tree stump cake made it look pretty darn cool when I set it amidst the fellow houses and few fairy things we have, to get my pictures!
 It actually almost blended right in with my tree!
 Even more fun, is the light up windows and door way, that give the cake a nice glow.
 My village may be sad, but this fun tree stump cake sure isn't!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gold Fantasy Flower Cake

I love finding a cake design that works well in a number of venues, this one does that! I love a good gold accent piece, but really love the way these gold lace flowers look to dress up a cake!
 Even more, I love that it looks good and even a little different in many settings!
 I love how warm it looks in a more rustic amber lighting,
As well as how fun it is pool side with some foliage beside it. The bionic cake design!

Hawaiian Plumeria Cake

I love a good frangipani flower! I've tried 3 times now to grow one of my own. The first attempt, my beagle ate. Second died from aphids. My third attempt actually ended up getting 2 new buds and I anticipated flowers from it the next season, until it became infested with
mites during a winter indoors.
 I think I many have given up growing my own, but at least I can enjoy them out of gumpaste and make them for cakes once in awhile! This cake was fun because of the new medium that allows you to turn wafer paper into a flexible fun grass skirt!