Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mail- Cake Central Red Sequined Fashion Cake

Day 20 of's photo-a-day theme is mail. Perfect timing because today is the day I can share an exciting email I received back in November! Being a baker my site is mostly an idea catalog for cakes and baked goods that I make for clients and try for myself, so I'm always excited when my work gets showcased somewhere else besides here. In November I was excited to open my email one night and see this memo line from Cake Central Magazine regarding a cake I did earlier in October:

You have been featured in Cake Central Magazine VOLUME 5 ISSUE 4

The Fashion Issue is always an interesting challenge. I was featured in the Fashion Issue last year, see this post, for a somewhat similar style dress. Go figure, I seem to get red cakes a lot, haha! This October when I was sent the invitation to submit once again for the issue, I was sent this dress 

quite an elaborate dress, especially considering the fact that once you receive the invitation you have one week to make, photograph and submit the cake. The deadline for the cake just happened to be the week before our annual Halloween Party for which I begin baking full time about 2 weeks before. I was a little stressed and almost considered not submitting this time due to lack of time, but I knew from experience if you don't submit when they send the invite, it is a LONG while before you receive an invite again. So, I set to work and after hours of making homemade red gelatin sequins and pulled sugar sprigs- I ended up with this cake....
and featured on pages 55-56 (Yay, a 2 page spread!) shown here:
So excited! I love mail! :)

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