Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Meaningful Christmas Gift Bath Set

For some reason I actually don't mind running errands during the Christmas holiday season. I get to sing Christmas carols in my car with the kids and generally enjoy it, unless i'm sitting in line on the freeway for more than 45 minutes not moving, but other than that- yep I love being out in the season. Especially this week as I've been starting and finishing up my Christmas gifts for this year.
I saw these on the idea room, I love her site, it has great ideas for all holidays, and knew I had to make them this year for my close friends. I loved that they were more of a spa item but at the same time I loved the rich warm combinations of scents from the middle east of Frankincense and Myrrh, and  the idea of combining it with a meaning and message for the Christmas season!
The supplies were fairly simple to find which I also liked. Once I started, however, my husband loved the idea and wanted me to include them for his client gifts this year as well. SO, at that point finding places that supply 20 of each became a little difficult. After multiple trips to various locations of The Hobby Lobby and Michaels, I was able to clean about 3 locations of each out of their wooden crates and their apothecary bottles. The ones I still needed after cleaning everyone in town out I found online.  The wood crates were unfinished and I stained them with Kona wood stain.
The linen spice bags were super cheap and fit the chocolate gold coins and were both found online. The extra apothecary bottles, if you don't have a Hobby Lobby around, were found here and here.
There you go- a classy and thoughtful Christmas gift that also incorporates the meaning of the Christtmas Season!
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