Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

Can't believe my little girl is already 4! It was so fun to put together the Doc McStuffin's party she's been asking for since October! It's been fun to put together ideas with her and look for fun activities with her, she was so fun to plan with :) (given that 4 year olds want to do everything they see :) Enjoy the tour of our party!
::The Set Up::
          the birthday girl
Check In
  Upon "check-in" doctors were given their big book of boo boo's, with a check up list inside
for their toys and syringe pens to take notes.
They were also told to bring their favorite toy for a check up, and were given patient
wrist bands for their toy patients.
Little doctors were given their lab coats, stethescopes, tongue depressors and girls were given a clip in flower for their hair, like Doc's 
                                                                 The Locker Room
On their way into the clinic, they were told to pick a patient from our basket of unstuffed animals , that they could later stuff and have a new "patient" to examine and go home with. 
       Our Clinic
Each doctor was given a bag of "stuffy's stuffin'" to stuff their new patient 
 After the doc's stuffed their new patient and did its check up, they were given a birth certificate and diploma from McStuffins University!
::The Food::
 Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookies  
White Chocolate "Bandaids"
Chocolate Covered Oreos 
                                            These were a popular item! Strawberry Jello Syringes. I used large ones so that the little ones would be able to do them alone. I was able to find them here.
A must have- Hugs and Kisses for your boo-boos! 
                                                                 Lambie's Fluff  (cotton candy)
Cherry Chip Cupcakes 
Marshmallow and Chocolate "Cotton Swabs" 
                                            White Chocolate Covered Pretzel "Thermometers"
Vanilla Wafer "Bandaids" with Icing Hearts 
                                                  Raspberry and Cream Macaron "Lozenges"
                                                  Little Milk and Juice Bottles for the Doc's
(Perfect because they have lids and a hole for straws= clean floors for me!)  I purchased these on Etsy, but I have also purchased them here.
Chilly's Cucumber Limeade
(Always a favorite at our parties, nice and fresh even in the middle of winter!) 
Doc's Bag Cake
                                                                   ::The Party::
little doc's giving their toys a checkup, aided by the "nurse"
doc's stuffing their new patients  
Cake Bag & Doc Bag 
Getting ready to blow out the candles!  
Must have a piñata of course
When leaving, each doc received a box with some bandaid gum which was surprisingly hard to find,
 pink and purple gum balls, bracelets and some goodies as well as a door tag with the "doc is in" on one side and the "doc is out" on the other to color. Then each guest received a wrapped candy bar
as a thank you!
 The Doc's!!
                               Invitations: FunPartyPrintable                                  
Decorations, Design and Food: padicakes
Doctor Coats and Stethescopes: MrsHappilyMarried
Signs: SBD Direct
Milk & Juice Bottles: babycakekisses
Doc Bag Cake: padicakes
Handout Boxes: Amy's Card Creations


Hannah C said...

Great party!

Where did you get the unstuffed toys?

Tya Lynn said...

I sell them in my etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/padicakesparty/

Unknown said...

Where did u find the syringes with lids?


Tya Lynn said...

here is the link to the syringes with lids!

Unknown said...

I really would love to know where you found the green background with pink daisy that was on some of the food tents and signs?

Unknown said...

How did you make the chocolate band aids? Thanks, Laura.

Doc Mcstuffins said...

It was so fun to put together the Doc McStuffin's party she's been asking for since October! It's been fun to put together ideas with her and look ... docmcstuffins.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

What a great job! Everything beutiful and perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hi how'd you make the certificates?
where'd you get them?