Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Carrots and Cream Cheese

~moist carrot cake mixed with crushed pineapple, coconut, carrots and a bit of orange juice, strange combo- but one heck of a moist cake!! covered in rich cream cheese frosting, mixed with orange zest~

First Birthday Fishie Cake

~eden loves fish, so naturally a cute fishy, yet girly cake was necessary for her first birthday party, covered in chocolate shells, starfish and coral and topped off with rock candies for the ocean bottom~ and of course a smash cake to match, covered in TONS of frosting for fun~


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby Boys Smash Cakes

~i was asked to make a smash cake for sweet little henry's first birthday party, so i loaded up the frosting, since-lets face it- thats the fun part of a smash cake- and added a little frosting ribbon around its middle for him to destroy! hope he has fun~

~the birthday boy enjoying his goods~

Mad Hatter Summer Party Cake

~my sister just turned 30, so i threw her a surprise birthday party. a year ago she fell in love with a cake i did so she requested it for her birthday sometime, but in pink, orange and yellow- so, viola~ here it is! (along with some fun pics from the party, of course~)

30th Birthday/ Bachelorette Style Cake

~this cake turned out better than i anticipated! in fact, i loved it when i was finished! it started out as a compilation of 3 cakes by request of my sister for her friend, and then i just added a few things and tons of glitter~ so fun!!!!

Free at Last Babycake

~fun little cake for a party~ all frosting and fondant- even the ball is cake covered with fondant! i set it on top of a cupcake tower that was filled with yummy lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream icing~

Floral Babycake

~my sweet sister had me make this little mini cake for her friend nicole, based-haha- after the cake i made for my friend nicole! i added a little pink glitter, but think i will now call this flowery little style cake, my nicole cake~