Saturday, August 22, 2015

Little Mermaid Party

I love the idea of a cute little mermaid under the sea birthday party for your little girl. Unfortunately, my little girl's birthday falls in January, so it's not likely we'll be setting up a pool or slip and slide in our backyard anytime soon for her birthday. While I toyed in the past with the idea of giving her an "un"birthday party just so I could do such a theme, I was thrilled when I found out my sister in law was throwing one for my little niece who is lucky enough to have an August birthday!
 Unfortunately shortly before the party she got sick. I had already started the batch of cookies, so we got to enjoy them twice! Theses are from the first batch!
 Then I got to make them again! I loved how cute a blond little mermaid looks on a cookie!
 And what fun colors for a summer party!

The birthday girl with her cookie!

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