Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School Eve Dinner

My little girl is finally starting Kindergarten. After 5.5 years of having her by my side as my little buddy, I no longer get to cuddle with her in the mornings and hang out in our pj's. She wasn't as disappointed as I was. She has been counting down almost all summer. So much, in fact, that by August 1st I made her a countdown calendar so she would stop asking how many days left!
She loved it right until the very last apple fell!
A fun tradition, I've always thought, to kick off the school year is the Back to School Eve Dinner. I've always loved the idea and so this year we had our first annual fest! She absolutely loved every minute of it, and I loved that just in time for it The Dating Diva's came out with a super cute back to school dinner printable kit. You can check it out and download the fun printables I used here.
Little J had fun helping write everyone's names on their tags...
and loved being the queen of dinner that night!
She got to pick the menu and dessert which was really fun for her to write out.
she decided even the baby needed his own set up!
She had so much fun filling out the back to school interview..
all was well for the queen, she could officially start Kindergarten in the morning!

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