Monday, August 11, 2014

Toddler Made Cookies

My daughter wanted to make cookies for her Grandma! How can you say no to that! We whipped up a small batch of sugar cookies (but you could do this with any cookie you can ice with royal icing), frosted them and let them completely harden. We let them harden over night, then  I turned her loose with my edible markers!  I absolutely love AmeriColor gels , they are always true to color and need way less product than regular, or even Wilton food colors. The edible markers are the same. They are rich vibrant colors and thick enough that you don't need to go over and over your lines, which I find tends to dissolve the icing faster. I use them any time my decorating requires an image I don't want to pipe or frost with precision!
I loved watching her be creative and plan out each cookie on her note pad, then carefully draw on the cookies. She was so detailed and what a fun imaginative way to let the little ones be involved when baking! She was so excited to package them up and present her masterpieces to grandma herself!
They turned out so cute!

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