Friday, May 9, 2014

Beautiful Summer Wedding

It is so much fun to do the cakes and deserts for weddings, but it is even better when the wedding is for your little sis! For her wedding, she wanted style she wanted to do a simple but classic cake in white buttercream, since neither of them cared much for fondant, and then she wanted to pair it with a desert table featuring some cupcake jars I had made the previous summer and cake pops-which her fiancé loves! Unfortunately the cupcakes I had done were a cream cheese frosting, and the venue didn't have a refrigerator, so we just did a basic buttercream frosting, but they were still yummy! Here are some pics from the beautiful, and yummy day!!
cherry chip turquoise and orange cake pops
Lemon cupcakes with Strawberries n' Cream Buttercream
Mr. & Mrs. Kelsey
Bottom Tier: Cherry Chip cake and Cherry Buttercream
Top Tier: Lemon cake and Strawberry Buttercream
Cake covered in a light Vanilla Almond Buttercream
Turtles made by: Top of the Cake
"Love" cake topper by: Better Off Wed Rustics
Photography by: Jaffa Photography
Venue: Millennial Falls
Cake & Treat Table by: padicakes

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