Sunday, March 5, 2017

Finding Nemo 2nd Birthday

As I was putting together this cute cake for my niece, I was thinking back and was actually surprised that between my two kids I have never had a Nemo party!
 My kids both watched the movies, but never really loved them enough to want them for a
birthday party.
 She had a cute party and enjoyed the cake! It's always fun when their old enough to understand that the cake is just for them!

I especially loved the bright blue against the oranges and greens!
It was a fun theme, I enjoyed making a bright blue colorful cake in the middle of a wintery snowy week!
It's always fun to watch toddlers try to figure out why everyone is staring at them and singing
I also enjoyed making the fun invitations and birthday whiteboard sign,
available also in my Etsy Shop
What a happy birthday to this little cutie

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