Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fancy Valentine's Day Family Dinner and Activities!

 My daughter has become aware this year that when there is a special holiday, mom and dad get to go somewhere fancy to eat and she does not get to go. We took her to the Melting Pot for her birthday dinner this year and I fear that was the end! When Valentine's week approached, she was extremely unhappy that she felt she deserved to go out to have a special Valentine's dinner with us as well, because she "wanted to love us at Valentine's Day too". This melted my heart, so I promised her that she and I would plan a special Valentine's Dinner for the family. I had so much doing this with her, and it actually ended being a very memorable night for all! 
 I found these "love books" online and loved the idea of each of us writing what we loved about each other and reading it over dinner, so i made one for each and even had us do one to give the grandparents as a Valentine's Day gift :) They were really fun to read through. I thought they looked especially "fancy" against these adorable "chalkboard" (basically black paper) paper placemats which I decorated with a chalkboard pen.
 This pomegranate molasses sweet bread was beautiful and delicious!!!
 must have valentine's macarons, of course!
 asparagus and potato roses
 My co- planner :)
Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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