Thursday, December 24, 2015

North Pole Elf Breatfast

Some people do a fun breakfast to welcome their elf on the shelf to their home for the Christmas season, we have always decided to do a North Pole Elf Breakfast on Christmas Eve morning to send him back home on a good night, and basically to suck up to him Christmas Eve :)  We've always had lots of fun with it, but this year we added to the fun when my daughter asked me to sew "buddy the elf style" hats for everyone. I have to admit, she was right, it made it much more fun and the hats were actually quite easily sewn! I highly recommend adding hats to all your future elf events!
I always love using these awsome little vintage milk bottles! They are the perfect size and look wonderful in any theme with a colored straw and any beverage!
 Upon arrival, everyone was required to find out what their elf names were from our chart, don their elf hat and start off with a nice mug of hot cocoa! Some of my favorite names were: Bubbles sugar-socks and cookie monkey-buns! Such a fun way to get in the elf spirit!

 Hmmm, had to make sure all the major elf food groups were represented. Sadly, despite four stores, I could not find candy corns in December. Next year I'll have to save some halloween candy!
Candy Cane Pancakes
Happy Christmas Eve from our Elf Family to yours! ( and Clarisse the reindeer)

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