Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baby Einstein 1st Birthday

My little guy LOVES Baby Einstein , particularly the Baby Noah and Baby Neptune series. I'm not one to park him in front of the TV and I know watching them won't make him a genius, but I do love the fact that they are a simple and colorful thing for him to watch for the little bit of TV time I give him, if he has any!
That in mind, I was absolutely sure that Baby Einstein would be the perfect theme for a little boys 1st birthday! It's bright, colorful and would have characters he knew! I was not prepared for how difficult it would be to find things to match that theme, apparently I'm one of few out there with that theme in mind since I ended having to make most of the d├ęcor. That's ok though, I was thrilled with how everything turned out!
I kept all the colors to the primary colors with the exception of the purple, since its in the Baby Einstein caterpillar! The tables were covered in bright colors, each table held a box decorated on the outside with Baby Einstein characters, some colorful tissue paper and a handful of balloons. Each table also held 2 to 3 of the Baby Einstein hand puppets my kiddo loved. It was fun seeing his face light up as we walked him around to the tables and he saw his little animals all spread around!
The dessert table was kept simple and colorful. I was a little more conservative than I usually am with the desserts due to the 101 temps for the day, and the hamburger bar we had for the food! I did a mix of finger items little kids can eat easily with little mess such as cherry vanilla cake pops decorated and displayed like the Baby Einstein caterpillar, #1 sugar cookies, "Baby Christian" sugar cookies, summer strawberry cupcakes, vanilla mango cupcakes- which were a huge hit, and watermelon lemonade for a refreshing drink! I loved the bright colors and how they also made the cake colors really pop!
Upon entering the party yard, we had a number of different stations as well as fun "Baby Einstein" signs featuring our little guy in different roles of the dvd's. for the guests and kids to see as they went  to each station. We had a burger station for the dinner and water area.
We had Dr. Seuss book Happy Birthday to You! set out for guests to write a message to the birthday boy. which we will give him on his 16th birthday. It was really fun to read through them!
There was our Face Painting area, where the kids and guests could become one of the animal characters on "Baby Einstein Baby Noah"  (My little "Noah" was less than thrilled to take this picture! I think he was a little frightened by the giant reindeer!)
She was amazing and so fun to see with all the kids!

Our other activity station was the "Baby Einstein Baby Van Gogh" art area, where the kids were allowed to "paint" their own blank canvas . Coincindentally, it was Father's Day the following day, so it turned into a great spot for last minute Father's Day gifts from the kids!
Last, of course, was the cake for the smashing! I was excited about the cake, I kept both cakes a simple white background so I could make sure the bright colors and the caterpillar really stood out.
The birthday boy loved being sung to.
Eating the cake..... Not so much!!
 He mostly decided he'd had enough and ended up wiping it everywhere in the process of trying to wipe it all off his hands. A child of mine who doesn't like dessert! How is this possible!? Haha.
As a parting gift the kids were giving a bright orange bag filled with a color your own cup, a colorful silly straw and some sidewalk chalk! Perfect for the summer season!!
It was a great party and so much fun with all the colors! I highly recommend throwing a Baby Einstein party to anyone out there with a little one!

Cake, Food and Event Design: padicakes
Photography by: Amber Reverie Design
Baby Onsie: Auntie Donna's
Food Tent Labels: Easy Party Printables

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