Thursday, April 2, 2015

Buon Viaggio Italian Themed Birthday- Holy Cannoli!

I was asked to do a dessert table for my niece's surprise birthday party, Italian themed since after the party, they were off to Italy- what a fun birthday! I want! What screams Italian sweets better than Limoncello cupcakes and Cannoli's of course- besides maybe a great gelato-if I knew how to make that, I think I'd be a few pounds heavier, mmm! I haven't made Cannoli's enough to be an expert, but since was for family, I figured it was a good time to get some more cannoli practice in,  they're usually pretty forgiving if you show up with yucky burnt food, right? Haha, maybe not. Luckily, after much patience, my tongs and I were able to turn out a pretty good batch of yummy cannoli's! 
Try something new and keep at it till you can do it well, I say!

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