Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Fancy French Party

Michelle came to me from a good friend whose "tea party" I baked for recently and she had the cutest idea for her daughter's 10th birthday party that I just couldn't say no. The theme her daughter wanted was a very girly, blingy fancy French themed party, in shades of pink, red and black! How fun!! Wish I got a party like that anytime!! It was fun to collaborate with her to make her daughter's party as "blinged out" and still edible as we could!  Here are some fun shots from Bethany's special day!
 mini s'mores cupcakes with a crunchy graham cracker bottom
 chocolate bling cake pops (top), almond petit fours with raspberry filing
 super yummy orange zest scones
 Paris themed Eiffel Tower cake, lemon filled with white chocolate ganache
 Bethany the birthday princess!
"glitter lips" a popular thing at the party!

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