Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Little Man in a Tie

  We enjoyed celebrating our little guys special blessing day. We were surrounded by our family and close friends which made the day even more special! Many came from far away, so we made sure to feed everyone to thank them for joining us. We set up a slider hamburger bar and a nice dessert table, as well as many of the other delights people offered to bring! Here are some fun photos of Christians special day.
little man in his tie

little man in a tie themed dessert table
such concentration to fill a cupcake tower! how many men does it take?
French vanilla cupcakes with blueberry ganache filling and white chocolate buttercream (colored tan)

3 generations

little guy in a tie

Food Tents Designed by: katiedidesigns
Little Man Bunting by: thelittledabbler
Desserts and Decorations by: padicakes

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