Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cake Central Magazine!!!

I was thrilled to pieces when I opened my email tonight, amidst an extremely stressful week and saw:



High Fives All Around!

Your work has been included in the September 2013, Volume 4 Issue 9 - "Fashion Inspiration 2013 - Valentino" section of Cake Central Magazine!




I had 2 weeks to think up, make and have photographed a cake inspired by this Valentino dress:
Luckily I'm friends with Mary Clark of DMC Studios, who does absolutely beautiful work, and she was nice enough to squeeze me in to photograph my cake!
 And when all was said and done, I was featured on 2 full pages:
And a Bio!!


Amber Dickson said...

I am seriously so in love with this cake and so proud that you're published in a magazine! That is so awesome.

I tagged you in a get to know you post this morning and would love to hear your answers of what drives and inspires you. I hope you'll join in :)

Tya Lynn said...

Thank you so much! From a fellow designer :) that means a lot! Sweet! I'll check it out!!