Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Light and Summery Grapefruit Sprtiz

I was asked by a number of people in my neighborhood to post this recipe after an event last week, so here it is in all its simplistic glory!
This is the best and freshest summer drink! Best part...its SOO easy!

 Recipe: Serves 10-12
1 2-liter Grapefruit Soda (I used generic Walmart brand )
1 clam shell of blackberries (also have used raspberries and just as good)
Raspberry Syrup (found in the specialty drink section- usually by the club soda and mixers)
Mint Extract or Mint Leaves-
Dump grapefruit soda and blackberries into your pitcher or beverage holder, add in raspberry syrup- approximately 1/3 cup ( I love me some raspberry syrup so I use lots ), stir this in and sample, add more as desired. Finish by adding mint extract- do not use peppermint unless you want your drink to taste like a Christmas beverage gone bad~ I use just a splash or two (maybe 1-2 tsp). If you're using mint leaves, which is also good, place those in your pitcher first (about a handful of leaves), then press and grind them with a wooden press or spoon- you're just smashing out the oils- then add the rest of the ingredients.  once everything is added- dump a bunch of ice in. I used about two handfuls, this drink is better the colder it is. **Important step**  let sit for about 20-30 minutes before serving to get it nice and cold!!!
To add some fun color to this drink you can also freeze a few berries in ice cube trays with the raspberry syrup before hand and place those in every one's glasses!!


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